Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning


      Our HPA Tuning Methodology

      HPA has a rich development history creating many examples of ECU calibrations yielding supercar-crushing performance, without compromising OEM drivability. Our methodology of performance programming involves utilizing the adaptive nature of factory VW/ Audi programming, which is capable of analyzing and reacting to changes in fuel, temperature, air flow, and various other external factors.

      Rather than creating a tune with fixed variables that overwrites the built-in factory safety nets as most tuners do, each HPA tune is custom calibrated per vehicle in accordance with that vehicle’s VIN, ECU software / version, and supporting performance modifications.

      Working on our state of the art Superflow all-wheel drive rolling road simulator, the team at HPA runs each in-house calibration set through a series of rigorous evaluations, ensuring maximum performance is realized, while all emissions and safety parameters remain intact.

      As updates surface in OEM software versions, HPA engineers react accordingly, to incorporate these changes. We routinely offer updates to our files, should there be a performance benefit to be had as a result.

      How HPA Compares To The Competition

      Through our 27 years of industry experience, and our more recent success on the Pirelli World Challenge circuit, we have shown our ability to compete with a variety of international tuners, many with a much larger worldwide footprint and dealer network. We are proud of the results we achieve with all of our tuning files, with these results running typically at noticeably lower boost levels / fuel pressures than the competition, while achieving similar peak results.

      As has always been the case, we are much more concerned with a tuned car optimized for performance as a daily driver, rather than producing an impressive dyno result that does not translate to drivability on the street. As a general rule, we prioritize immediate throttle response, early torque onset/peak, and a smooth, linear power delivery for all of our tuning programs, while doing so with no compromises.

      Again, as it is worth repeating, our tuning is completely adaptive to any octane, even racing fuels, unlike many other more restrictive programs on the market.

      Obtaining HPA Programming

      All HPA programming can be obtained through our main office located in Langley, BC, Canada, or through one of our numerous HPA dealers. Not in close proximity to HPA or a dealer? Not to worry…we now have our very own proprietary remote flashing tool, called a ONEPort, which offers a direct communication line between our team and your personal Windows-based laptop.

      The ONEPort, which is basically an OBD-II to USB device, allows the end user to extract critical ECU ID information, which can then be e-mailed to us for analysis and modification. Once a specific tune file is completed here in our offices, the updated file is then e-mailed back to the customer for upload into the vehicle.

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