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HPA Motorsports Inc was founded in 1991 and has continued to grow from its grassroots origins to today's 10,000+ sq ft facility located in Langley, BC, Canada. Besides the core business of high performance VW/Audi tuning, The HPA group also includes Coty Built TDI Jeep conversions, Versatile Automotive Diagnostics, and Ford Performance Development.

The HPA workshop features multiple service bays, a full fabrication shop, CNC machining center, and a Superflow AWD Dyno. Specialties include forced induction tuning of the VW/Audi VR6 motor, Haldex 4-motion based AWD conversions, DSG tuning, and complete vehicle builds from mild to wild.

HPA built projects can be found on display at car shows, performing at racetracks, or competing for media outlets across the continent.

Our R&D team is continually developing custom solutions for unique in-house vehicle builds, and new items for our over the counter consumers, while the production team is turning out parts for worldwide distribution.

Partnering with select manufacturers to augment our project cars, we are pleased to distribute a variety of brands alongside our proprietary product lines.

Servicing clients from across North America and oversees, we are well versed in global logistics and strive to make international transactions as seamless as possible. We work with a preferred group of reliable freight forwarders, auto carriers, and customs brokers who provide quality services.

HPA On The Track

Throughout the year, the HPA team can be seen at many enthusiast VW events across North America. Our participation in Pirelli World Challenge in recent years has brought us to many famous race tracks over the warmer months. Our success in PWC has certainly expanded the company’s visibility and taught us a lot of lessons that translate into evolving and improving our tuning hardware and software for the everyday consumer. With the support of professional drivers Jeff Altenberg and Alex Welch, we have achieved tremendous success and multiple podium finishes in a very short time. We look forward to meeting our many fans at the next event!

Marcel Horn, President of HPA, Reflects on 30 Years in Business

Humble beginnings and a strong creative drive have afforded me a life rich in experiences, culture and great people. Growing up on a hobby farm, the son of two teachers, I could not ignore the lure of custom cars. I loved the look, sound and uncharted adventure each vehicle represented. Maybe not the path two educators had planned for their son, but nonetheless, one that has set me on a path to life-long learning.

In 1987, two years before I could legally drive, I was introduced to my first Volkswagen and never looked back. The natural interchangability of the MK1 afforded me my dream of having my own hopped up car at age 16, and a concept was born.

HPA started as a hobby out of the family garage in 1990 and took its first corporate form in 1991. HPA, Highwater Performance Autostyling, would shorten a few years later to HPA Motorsports Inc.

1998 saw our tuning clientele expanding at an exponential rate. Our quest for more power landed us into a lifetime friendship with our technical partners at HGP, Germany. Together, we expanded their concept for a twin turbo V6 into what we offer around the world today.

November 2004 was a moment in history for me and the team at HPA. It was a dream come true when HPA’s 2004 twin turbo R32 won best of SEMA 2004, and was immortalized in the world’s most successful gaming franchise, Gran Turismo. This would serve as an undeniable signature for everyone’s career at HPA. Accepting this award reduced me to tears as I reflected on the relentless pace and impossible hours my entire team had endured across the seasons to get us to that moment in time. In 2007 we reclaimed this honor and are the only two-time winner of this prestigious award.

Along the journey, Volkswagen of Germany called on our team’s expertise. In 2005, we designed, and created three stunning twin turbo vehicles for Corporate Volkswagen to showcase to the World the durability and potential that the brand offered. Having been inspired by these very elements back in 1987, it was an easy sell. The RGT Jetta, Passat and Touareg forever set the benchmark for performance of the entire Volkswagen line.

Working on special projects for OEM Volkswagen, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company, my team’s experience is expanding exponentially. With successful debuts on nationally televised programs and at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, I can say that HPA has laid out the foundation for our next 20 years in this industry.

I have transitioned from a young teenager, into adulthood all behind the wheel of a Volkswagen. In June 2002, my first son was born, followed by a second son in 2005 and a third in 2009! Not only do they look a whole lot like their dad, all three seem to already have a love of cars… the next generation of HPA is all set to go! These three young guys have already caused my attention to blend the VW brand with Jeep. Where we will go next is what excites me about each day.

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