ONEPort OBD Flashing Device


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ONEPort OBD Flashing Device
ONEPort OBD Flashing Device
ONEPort OBD Flashing Device

The ONEPort, is an OBD-II to USB device, allows the end user to extract critical ECU ID information, which can then be e-mailed to us for analysis and modification. Once a specific tune file is completed here in our offices, the updated file is then e-mailed back to the customer for upload into the vehicle. This process can take 1 to 2 business days and in some cases longer depending on your file version. Please contact us once you've made your purchase. 

Each ONEPort device can only be paired to an individual VIN number, and therefore is owned by the user once purchased (it is not a loaner tool). However, the ONEPort can also be used for DSG / S-tronic programming in the same vehicle, if applicable.


ONEPort Software:

ONEPort ECU Software

ONEPort DSG Software

ONEPort XDEVICE Driver & Tool Kit 


ONEPort Documentation:

MED9 ECU Instructions

MED17 ECU instructions

ONEPort DSG Instructions

ONEPort XDEVICE Instructions


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