aerofabb, LLC is an all encompassing manufacturer of aftermarket aerodynamic components for both street/race application vehicles.

      In an industry so heavily diluted with consumer products, you may be asking yourself, what is so special about aerofabb? We pride ourselves on two things: Quality, and building customer relationships.

      Notice how we didn’t say customer service? That's because the latter positions themselves for a one and done transaction. We base our entire philosophy on creating life long repeat relations. When you buy into aerofabb, you enter the aerofabb family for life! We back our product and your satisfaction unconditionally.

      In-house Computer-aided Design / Computer Numerical Controlled Production
      Quality is the hinge pin that delicately balances performance, dependability and affordability. Having our own cutting edge facility and finely tuned machines gives us complete control from start to finish. From the research and development phase to real world testing, every aerofabb product is made right here in North Carolina, USA. We pride ourselves on this fact and we know you do too.

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