Developed on the track, adapted for the street. HPA's performance program for the 2.0T features a complete collection of cohesive products designed to enhance the overall package of your 2.0T equipped VW.

      After nearly two decades of developing hardware and software for the VR6 engine, HPA had become well recognized as a tuning authority for this unique powertrain. In 2012, with the next generation R being outfit with the 2.0T, HPA transitioned its development resources to focus on this broad spectrum engine.

      Making the transition from VR6 tuning into the mainstream 2.0T market, HPA saw great importance in proving its developments and software on the track as well as the street so in 2012, launched a pair of 2.0Tsi DSG equipped GLI Jettas onto the Pro racing circuit. Competing in the SCCA World Challenge series, HPA's 2.0Tsi performance packages dominated numerous courses with pole positions, track records and podium finishes.

      VW's MQB platform debuted the EA888 Gen 3 2.0L engine featuring the IHI IS38. This turbo quickly gained a reputation of being unreliable for any tuned applications, particularly in scenarios of spirited driving, which could lead to premature bearing failure and potential engine catastrophes.

      Recognizing the demand for a turbocharger that not only elevated performance but also addressed the reliability concerns inherent in the OE unit, HPA embarked on a mission to redefine the aftermarket landscape. The development of the OEM+, FR450, and FR500 Turbos stemmed from a commitment to providing MQB enthusiasts with a solution that offered both power and dependability. HPA identified shortcomings in the OEM IHI IS series turbos, particularly in scenarios of spirited driving, which could lead to premature bearing failure and potential engine catastrophes. 

      In 2023, HPA Motorsports took a significant stride to affirm the reliability of the FR450 Turbo by partnering with Area Motorsport. Together, they harnessed the capabilities of four VW GTI race cars equipped with FR450 turbos on the challenging tracks of the Enduro 750 Championship. The results were exceptional, with the FR450-equipped vehicles dominating the competition and securing a championship win. This triumph in the intense racing environment served as the ultimate proof of the FR450 Turbo's durability, solidifying its reputation as a turbocharger that not only meets but exceeds the demands of high-performance racing.

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