A NEW ERA of VR6 Performance

HPA Motorsports launches a limited serialized run of 50 MK7.5 Golf R's featuring an upgraded 2.5L VR6 Turbo with 550HP and 550FT-LBS of torque. Read more to learn about our journey to put the VR back into the Golf R.

VR6 - The Engine for the Enthusiast

Originally designed as a diesel engine, the VR6 was built for gobs of torque. It’s unique narrow angled V under one head allowed for a compact six cylinder powerplant that could fit into small engine bays and was quickly the choice for tuners looking to build the ultimate street sleeper or track weapon. 

For the last couple of decades, VR6 tuning has been almost synonymous with the HPA brand. In partnership with our technical partners HGP Turbo, we took the raw potential of the VR6 and added forced induction which brought the platform to the highest levels.

We began with the GT6 program building 44 twin turbo VR6 beetles based on the 2.8L 12V and 3.2 24V VR6. 

The Arrival of the Ultimate HOT HATCH

In 2004 Volkswagen debuted the 3.2L 24V VR6 which found its home in the MK4 Golf R32. Paired with a 6 speed manual transmission and Haldex all wheel drive, the R32 was the ultimate hot hatch and we didn’t need much encouragement to add a twin-turbo package. Later that year, the HPA Motorsports Stage II R32 took Best in Show at SEMA and was immortalized in Sony’s Gran Turismo franchise. 

The following year, Volkswagen Germany flew in newly appointed CEO Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard to test the HPA Stage II R32 on a closed stretch of Texas Highway. Flanked by state police, he put the car through its paces, taking it all the way up to 180mph. Impressed with what we had accomplished, he commissioned us to build three twin-turbo VR6 vehicles for their inaugural SEMA show. The R-GT Jetta, Passat, and Touareg stole the show and sparked the imagination of VR6 fans worldwide.

HPA FTX VR6 turbo kits & Bespoke Builds

This was a key moment in our business, and we quickly found ourselves busy with new customers from all over the world commissioning us to build their very own bespoke HPA VR6.

In 2019, Volkswagen approached us once more to be their representatives at SEMA. The HPA FTX700 VR6 Beetle was one of 12 cars to open the show and proudly showcased Volkswagen at their booth during the #ByeByeBeetle tour.

Over the years we iterated our forced induction offerings: pairing the 3.2L VR6 with bigger and faster spooling single turbos, developing a liquid-cooled intake manifold allowing for a short boost track, and recently transplanting the DQ500 and MQ500 transmissions to lift the ceiling on power and torque limits. Available from 350 HP all the way to 700HP, our FTX VR6 Turbo Kits set the standard for immediate throttle response, power delivery, and daily drivable performance.

VW Abandons the VR6 GOLF R

When the MK6 Golf R was announced, Volkswagen opted for a 4-cylinder turbo powerplant. While a very capable engine, it missed the soul and visceral performance of the VR6. It wasn't long before we took the step to shoehorn the VR back in with the debut of the FT740 twin-turbo 3.6L VR6.

With the arrival of the 2.0L Turbo MK7 and MK8 Golf R's, it was clear that Volkswagen had dropped the VR6 for its flagship hatchback once and for all.

"Hellcat-defaming, Godzilla Crushing Golf R"


It was clear that the VR6 was still popular amongst the Wolfsburg engineers. Volkswagen concept cars would often showcase a new version of the VR6, keeping the hope of enthusiasts alive. With the advent of the MQB platform, only a few North American model carried the 3.6L VR6 however one little-known powerplant made for the international market caught our eye: the factory turbo 2.5L (DDKA) VR6.

This German-built engine was made for the Chinese market VW Atlas called the Teramont. Lighter than the North American 3.6L found in the Atlas, and overbuilt for the poor fuel quality, this was a good candidate for putting the VR back into the R. Even Wolfsburg saw the potential as they fit a version of this engine on the Arteon R concept car however this was sadly ditched in the Arteon for the 4-cylinder.

The task of turning this torquey, horsepower capped SUV engine into a high revving, high performance VR6 was a goal we set our sights on. The HPA VR550T Program was born.


The Volkswagen Golf R remastered with a modern VR6 Turbo


The Volkswagen Golf R remastered with a modern VR6 Turbo


The Volkswagen Golf R remastered with a modern VR6 Turbo


The Volkswagen Golf R remastered with a modern VR6 Turbo


The Volkswagen Golf R remastered with a modern VR6 Turbo


In pursuit of OEM fit and finish, the HPA VR550T showcases the precision and attention to detail we are known worldwide for. Our goal is to deliver each car as if it rolled out of the Wolfsburg factory. No need to compromise with this daily driver, take the car for a cross-country road trip, enjoy a weekend track day, and have the peace of mind to throw the keys to anyone without sweating the details.


Base Car required:
2018-2019 VW Golf R with DSG DQ381 Transmission
Customer supplied or HPA sourced

  • German-Manufactured VW 2.5L (DDKA) VR6 Turbo
  • 550 HP / 550 FT-LBS on pump gas
  • Custom Upgraded HGP Hybrid Turbo
  • HPA tri-flow cams
  • Custom built head with upgraded valvetrain
  • HPA Intake
  • HPA High Flow Downpipe
  • HPA 76mm Valved Exhaust
  • OEM MPI Fuel rail upgrade
  • Upgraded low pressure fueling system with integrated OE controller
  • HPA Performance Series Direct Fit Intercooler
  • CNC adaptation of DQ381 Gearbox
  • Upgraded DQ381 DSG with upgraded Clutch Packs
  • Custom Remapping of OEM ECU retaining OEM safeties and drivability
  • Full UDS canbus integration
  • Custom VR550T Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Exterior VR550T emblems - VR grille badging, HPA fender emblems
  • Serialized build number nameplates on the interior and engine bay


  • Beetle (A5) Platform in R&D
  • MK7 Sportwagen / Alltrack / DQ250 R&D
  • Manual Transmission Support
  • VR550T Crate Motor Program

Build costs begin under $40,000 USD inclusive of all labor to transform your MK7.5 Golf R into a serialized 1 of 50 VR550T

Please contact us directly to reserve your allocation

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