Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converters


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Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converters

These 100 cell count catalysts are the highest flowing cats available on the market today and are ideal for use on your turbocharged or supercharged car to encourage quick and effortless release of exhaust gases to keep EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) down and head temperatures at a minimum.

For Mk4 R32 or Mk1 TT applications, these cats are available as a core to be installed inside your factory catalytic converter housings. An experienced exhaust technician can perform this task.

For Mk5 R32, Mk2 TT/A3 applications, we include cat cones with the cores to line up the existing cat back and cat flange.

Complete cats with housings and heatshields are available for all applications. Contact HPA directly for a parts and fabrication quote.

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