HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump


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HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA MQB EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump

Note: this pump upgrade is for the engines running the OEM Hitachi pump and is not compatible with vehicles running the Bosch pump. Please visually inspect to ensure they look the same before ordering.

The EA888 Gen3’s OEM maximum operating pressure is 200 bar or just over 2900 PSI. At stock power levels, this is adequate for proper atomization and fuel mass delivery into the cylinders. With increased power demands through tuning and hardware upgrades, the fuel system is pushed to its limits to provide the requested fuel mass. This is a crucial upgrade for all Stage 3 cars!

HPA’s high pressure fuel pump allows your tuner more headroom with the capability to increase fuel pressure levels to beyond 240 bar (3480 PSI)!

Each matched set of piston and sleeve is precision machined, ground to strict dimensional tolerances, and then DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coated for superior reliability.

Unlike our competitors, HPA has elected to provide brand new fully assembled pumps to ensure each one is built to our strict quality control standards. No special tools required, this is a direct bolt-on application which saves you time and money while retaining your original fuel pump for when you want to move on to the next project!

This pump is based on the european model and is designed to accomodate both North American and ROW cars including OEM-Style MPI Installation. All that's required is to remove the brass plug and install OEM low-pressure outlet fitting for ROW applications.


Installation Guide


Your vehicle's fuel delivery system uses a High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) in conjuction with a Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP). We highly recommend that you use VCDS to monitor and log the following to ensure your system is running withing spec before upgrading.

1. Fueling log - RPM, HPFP/Rail Pressure (Specified), HPFP/Rail Pressure (Actual), LPFP Duty Cycle.

2. If you are using ethanol blended fuel, the demand on the LPFP is incresed. This can lead to controller overheat or the threshold of the fuel pump to fall below the volume needed to feed the HPFP.

3. LPFP duty cycle vs. HPFP/Rail Pressure (Actul) can show high pressure drops corresponding to the LPFP duty cycle limits (90+ %) This means the LPFP must be replaced or upgraded to accomodate the fueliing needed for the tune on the engine.


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