DSG Performance Clutch Packs


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DSG Performance Clutch Packs

The DSG transmission used by VW/Audi is an engineering marvel!

As with all clutch systems, with more power comes the need for increased material friction and increased pressure. We can increase the pressure via our DSG Performance Programming, however past a certain level the enthusiast will need to increase the friction the clutch has.

We sought out to create a complete package where by the customer could operate with 600+ hp and have factory like engagement, with massive holding power. This is where our upgraded clutch pack in conjunction with our DSG software will hold back the most power possible.


To increase the friction available for the clutch pack, we did two things:

1. We developed a better material for the friction surface itself lending it to have more ‘bite’ than the standard clutch material.

2. We increase the amount of friction discs inside the clutch-pack itself.

The factory clutch is a 5:6 meaning 5 friction plates for the upper gears (lower torque loads) and 6 friction plates for the lower gears (higher torque loads).  HPA's High Performance DSG clutch kits will increase this by 1, 2 or even 3 discs per pack.

Stage 1 (6:7 disk): 6 friction discs for gears 4,5,6 and 7 friction discs for 1,2,3. We have added 1 extra friction disc to each pack which will provide holding capacity of 550 ft/lbs of torque on DQ250 / 630ft/lbs on DQ381 (with the appropriate software)



Each clutch must be assembled inside the cage to which it will be used.  We offer a Core service for those who wish to avoid downtime and shipping costs involved with sending their factory clutch assembly to HPA for rebuilding. Do not be misled by a ‘universal clutch pack that uses the same number of friction discs that can be ordered and placed into your existing basket. There is a specific height measurement the stack must be to operate correctly. Too low you won’t have full engagement, too tall and you won’t be able to release the clutch. We create custom shims for each unit to ensure we are at the exact correct stack height before re-assembling the clutch. This way we know 100% it will work without fail.


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