Charge Air Cooling Kit

Charge Air Cooling Kit


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HPA’s Charge Air Cooling kit features an in-house manufactured radiator and proprietarily configured Meziere water pump, all designed to package neatly behind the OEM euro or US bumpers.

Our radiators feature all-aluminum construction resulting in lighter weight and improved heat transfer over traditional brass cores. Additionally, the all-aluminum construction eliminates epoxy joints that can break down with vibration and age, causing leaks. The tube and fin design keeps optimal air flow through and onto your radiator, while providing maximum heat exchange for the charge cooler liquid.

The 3.2L VR6 is quite a hot animal in stock form, so blocking off the airflow to your main radiator with a bar and plate, or lesser heat exchanger, can contribute to overheating issues, and will yield less than ideal performance.

Meziere’s high flow pump is American made with quality components flowing 20 gallons per minute! Built to operate under harsh conditions and featuring a 2 year warranty; it is a component made to last.

Included with the kit are: a relay, the inlet and outlets for the water pump, and hosing.


Included with the Charge Air Cooling Kit:

  • Radiator
  • Water Pump
  • Relay w/Connector
  • Plumbing
  • Water Drain


** Add to your order the model specific install kit, allowing you to install your Charge Air Cooling kit with OEM like fitment.