02M to MQ500 Conversion

02m to MQ500 (TT-RS / RS3) 6 Speed Manual Gearbox Assembly – Mk4 R32

$9500 + shipping




  • Low Mileage MQ500 w/Long Gear Ratios Including Transfer Case

  • MQ500 Gearbox and Transfer Case Adapters

  • Custom CV Axles for Mk4 R32 MQ500 Fitment

  • TT-RS Transmission Top Mount w/HPA Billet Lower Mount Bracket

  • Custom Length Shifter Cables

  • Spec R-Trim Mini Twin Clutch for MQ500 Conversion (Modified By HPA, 800 Ft/Lbs Torque Rating)

HPAs MQ500 manual transmission upgrade offers a reliable gearbox solution for those 3.2 VR6 owners looking for the highest potential performance from their car. The MQ500, designed for high powered vehicles like the Audi TT-RS / RS3, provides a vastly improved gear durability / torque threshold, longer gear ratios. With HPAs fitment package of custom parts and adapters, this assembly allows for ease of installation for both an experienced shop or a knowledgeable enthusiast. Unlike the more prevalent 02M / 02Q 6 speed manuals that appear in many VR6 applications, the MQ500 has 3 pinions compared to 2 in the 02M/02Q. This equals more parts to split the load onto resulting in higher torque capacity!

The full assemblies include the low mileage MQ500 transmission, and for those that have sourced their own transmission already, shipping arrangements can be made for those gearboxes to HPA for the necessary machining / modification required to use our adaption package. A solid option for applications exceeding 1000nm torque, the MQ500 eliminates the need for custom hardened or lengthened gear sets. An all-in-one solution ready for the most robust VR6 builds out there!



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