TouchMotion AWD Programmer

The TouchMotion AWD Programmer from HPA Motorsports is a plug and play device compatible with Gen 1 Haldex 4-motion controllers.

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The TouchMotion AWD Programmer from HPA Motorsports is a plug and play device compatible with Gen 1 Haldex 4-motion controllers.

Designed to be fully compatible with both OEM or aftermarket installed Haldex 4-motion differential controllers, the Touch Motion plugs inline and hands control of the rear end behavior over to the driver.

HPA's TouchMotion AWD Programmer consists of three main components. A trunk mounted Control Unit, a Cable to connect the new controller inline, and a wireless Touch Screen Interface.

The Touch Screen Interface features a live interactive display that tells the driver how much torque is being transmitted to the rear wheels at any time and offers access to a number of basic and advanced configurations. The touch screen is merely the user interface for the TMAP system and does not need to be present to run the controller as the controller will operate under the last user settings inputted.

Through the touch of the screen, drivers can select not only the preset operating modes of the differential such a Stock, Economy, Sport or Competition, they can go beyond with Dynamic and Race-Speed where they can individualize the profile based on driving habits and needs.

Under Race-Speed, drag racers can digressively or progressively adjust rear engagement. Example; when launching AWD vehicles from prepared surfaces, typically some front wheel spin is desired to better facilitate engine acceleration prior to full rear wheel power transfer avoiding engine bog. As the speed down the track increases, the rear differential engagement can be scaled straight back to reduce drag and increase top speed.

Under Dynamic, drivers can configure which modes to toggle between and what the transitions will be triggered by. Example, set in economy mode for daily commuting, the driver wishes to toggle straight into an aggressive full torque transfer configuration and back when overtaking a vehicle may be required.

Within advanced settings, over-steer compensation can be reduced for drivers that wish to enable more drift tendency, and engagement of differential under braking can be toggled on or off depending on driving style, comfort, or usage habits.

HPA has developed a tool that will allow the driver to tune the drivetrain to meet their specific needs.

The left graph represents all preset modes performing an acceleration run from 40mph to 110mph. The right graph represents Stock, Competition, and Race Speed; the top line represents overall wheel horsepower, while the lower lines differentiate between front wheel horsepower and rear wheel horsepower.


Download TMAP Quick Start Guide

Download TMAP Features and Functions

Download Performance Suite Guide


Customer Reviews (6)

Magic part Review by Jacques
I have the TouchMotion for about one year.
I think it’s the best part you can mount on an S3 8L. The handling of the vehicle is really much better!
Thanks HPA and sorry for my bad english!
See you from Switzerland ;-)
Jacques (Posted on 1/3/2020)
Awesome upgrade! Review by Weldon
This is an awesome upgrade! The car has so much more control. All the functions are great. Took less than 30 minutes to install. This is a great addition to anyone’s upgrade list with a Gen 1 haldex. (Posted on 7/23/2018)
Best upgrade for mk4 r32Review by Wesley
One of the best products I bought for my r32 loved it disabling the rear diff on freeway was my favorite made the car feel a lot faster performance suite is a must and well worth the extra cost really wish they made it (Posted on 6/28/2018)
TouchMotion for S3 8LReview by Marvin
I had bought the TouchMotion for my 2001 Audi S3 8L in 2017. Before that, I had installed previous blue version haldex controller, it provides full-time 50:50 drive and very balanced control. After installing the new one, now I can dynamically change the diving mode for different situations. More interesting is that it can be configured by user preferences.
Finally, the installation is easy and UI is friendly. It’s really a good product. I come from Taiwan and we have a A3/S3 club. After comparing with other S3 8L installed factory haldex, my car can provide better tracking capability in sport mode. (Posted on 6/28/2018)
Well Worth It!Review by Ryan
Years back I bought the Blue controller for more than this. Nowadays I use the TouchMotion system to manually configure my haldex controller in my Mk4 R32. Works flawlessly and is an awesome tool to quickly switch between full time awd and full time fwd if I would like. Quick and easy installation and great support over email for updates! Well worth the investment! (Posted on 6/28/2018)
TouchMotion for MK1 TT Track CarReview by Albert
I've had the TouchMotion AWD controller for my 2001 Audit TT Quattro 225 6 speed manual coupe since 2017. It has been trouble free from the start and I used it for about 300 track miles, including one time trial event. I purchased it mostly for the Race settings and control. On the track it allows the AWD drive to remain engaged all the time, even under braking which is a tremendous assist for balance and deceleration. When I am finished I can simply change the setting to off, economy or whatever i want when driving home wirelessly. I like the fact that you can connect to he device with the wireless pad, make your changes and then shut off the screen and leave it in the paddock while on the track.

This product has been awesome and has made my haldex based car a true AWD monster when on the track. I am an SCCA licensed club race driver and have bigger plans for using this unit in races in the near future. (Posted on 6/14/2018)

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