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      The DQ250 gearbox, also known as the 02E, was the first DSG gearbox built by Volkswagen in 2003. Known to be strong and reliable, this gearbox is used in all VAG models primarily paired with the 2.0 4 Cyl and 3.2 VR6 engines.

      Is reprogramming of the DSG really needed?

      DSG technology is a relatively recent development in the automotive world and as a result, knowedge of how to propperly tune DSG is limited, with some tuners even claiming that it's not necessary. The DQ250 factory software limits maximum torque to 350-380nm so problems can occur when it is paired with a tuned engine with over 400+Nm. If the DSG is not reprogrammed this can lead to clutch wear, power loss, and shifting problems. Many high-grade tuners attempt to deactivate the torque limiters by removing the safety functions in the engine ECU software but this can lead to premature gearbox or clutch failures. In addition to reaching performance goals, DSG tuning may be required to address known issues with the factory DSG such as:

         -   2.0 TDI from 2009; shifting at extremely low RPM’s (droning)
         -   3.2 VR6; Jerk/knock between 5th/6th gear
         -   Aggressive kickdown in 1st gear
         -   3.2 VR6/MK6 Golf R/MK5 GTI Pirelli/Scirocco R; poor shifting strategy

      TVS's vast experience with reparing and servicing DSG's, along with a specilization in big turbo applications up to 1000hp has resulted in proven software that maximizes the performace of your car and improves on its drivability.

      Software modification vs. full re-programming

      TVS offers a full re-programming solution. the original software ID is stored on the TVS database, but the original software itself will not be re-used for our calibration. (what 99% of tuners normally do).  This avoids the common bugs & problems with the numerous factory update’s. TVS-engineering’s workshop encounters these update problems every day and with 2000+ DSG repairs per year we know exactly which files to use and which to avoid. 

      SOFTWARE - The TVS DSG software offerings:

      Drivability Upgrade

      Our experience repairing over 2000 DSG's a year has helped inform some significant drivability upgrades for DSG equipped cars. This is available separately for non-tuned cars and is also included with our Stage 2+, Stage 3, and Stage 4 DSG Software. TVS drivability package features:

         -   Optimised D mode shift program
         -   Optimised S mode shift program
         -   Improvement on gearbox lifetime
         -   Reduced wear on dual mass flywheel and synchros
         -   Reduction of unnecessary downshifts
         -   Increased shifting speed
         -   Better acceleration out of corners
         -   More natural and intuitive driving experience

      Stage 2, tuning up to 510 Nm

      Stage 2 is an affordable but full program, with all modifications included to get maximum acceleration and engine power. Stage 2 tunes features:

         -   Torque Limiter raised - Stage 2 rated up to 510Nm / 376ft lbs
         -   Clutch Pressure +/- 15 bar
         -   Less unwanted downshift on light acceleration
         -   Shifting Speed D+S+M upshift
         -   Shifting Speed D+S+M downshift
         -   Engine breaking reduced (optional)
         -   Torque reduction delay D+S+M
         -   Paddle shift reduced downshift time
         -   Overall reduced paddle shift time response
         -   Faster take-off 0-5km/h in D/S/M/LC
         -   Improved clutch cooling
         -   Clutch temp. warning
         -   Max RPM D+S+M 4000-8400RPM
         -   Full manual control
         -   No kickdown in M
         -   No auto upshifts in M (optional)
         -   Launch Control maximum rpm
         -   Launch Control rpm fully variable by throttle position
         -   Launch control response time
         -   Optimal base file used
         -   MFA gear display indicator

      Stage 2+, tuning up to 510 Nm

      Stage 2+ is the most sold upgrade. Its combines all stage 2 tuning options and includes our drivability upgrade. It is tested on cars with 525Nm but we advise 500Nm max. Above 500Nm the Mechatronic outscales and cannot handle higher torque. 

        -   All stage 2 options 
        -   Drivability Upgrade

      Stage 3, tuning up to 600Nm

      The stage III software spares the costs of an expensive race clutch. To this date, TVS is the only company worldwide who has managed to crack the 500Nm limit. Every turbo has different characteristics so make sure to inform us about the turbo that is used. Stage 3 software features:

        -   All stage 2 options
        -   Drivability Upgrade
        -   Modified torque calculations, up to 650Nm
        -   Altered input signals CAN-BUS
        -   Firm clutch engagement on up/downshift
        -   Smooth shifting on easy driving
        -   Modified clutch K1->K2 crossover
        -   Oil Pressure up to 19bar.

      Stage 4, tuning up to 750Nm

      Above 600Nm a race clutch is needed. Raising clutch-pressure is no more sufficient. Above 500Nm and a 4-wheel drive application we always recommend a race clutch. For race applications we always advice a race clutch. Even if the car has just 400Nm. Simply because a race-clutch produces less heat-peaks due the higher amount of friction plates.  SSP/Dodson clutches use harder friction materials which can withstand higher heat peaks. The disadvantages of using these hard friction plates is that the DSG software cannot cooperate with them under normal driving situations. Stage 4 software features:

        -   All stage 3 options 
        -   Drivability Upgrade
        -   Special mods for racing clutch
        -   Elimination of long drive-in period. (reduced to 50km) 
        -   Launch control drag racing mode (optional, may damage clutch)
        -   Altered input signals CAN-BUS