HPA's OEM+ IS38 is the Perfect Turbo Upgrade for Your MK7 GTI or IS12 / IS20

HPA OEM+ IS38 - Engineered to Perform

We have a considerable number of upgrades made to the VAG OEM IS38 to address all reliability concerns and believe our product will be one of the most reliable options out there. The upgrades include:

  • Billet extended-tip compressor wheel – This allows for better spool and anti-surge characteristics while still being compatible with all brands of IS38 tuning

  • Fully upgraded and redesigned bearing system – Our bearing system has been used on our 450 HP level Hybrid in the field for well over a year with 100% reliability. We are providing the exact same system but in an OEM+ design. This is insurance from the known weaknesses of the OEM turbo.

  • Inconel wastegate flapper – We found on some OEM turbos after long-term heat cycling from high EGTs to cold, the wastegate itself physically bends. Some of them have snapped and ended up in the catalytic convertor. This is a concern especially for those customer who attend track days and drive their cars hard. We have upgraded all our wastegates with a highly heat resistant Inconel version to ensure this never happens.

  • Pre-set wastegate actuator – All turbos will ship from HPA with the wastegate actuator set to the exact voltage needed for true plug-and-play installation. Setting the wastegate on MQB based cars is complex and requires access to a VAGCOM which not all customers have access to.
  • Includes 100% OEM Installation kit and HPA Turbo Muffler Delete



GTI Rallywagen Conquers the Ultimate Endurance Test!

HPA OEM+ IS38 equipped MK7 GTI completes a 13,000 KM trip through South America

Jamie Orr, Max Everhard, and Pedro Ruta Jr. set out to go from the top of South America to “fin del mundo” in Argentina in the #rallywagen, a slammed 400HP Volkswagen MK7 GTI. This GTI traversed nine countries, eleven border crossings, eight thousand five-hundred miles (thirteen thousand kilometers!). They tackled the Andes Mountains, Bolivia salt flats, Brazil, Bubble Gun Treffen, local police, glaciers, the Strait of Magellan, and more.... All the way to the most southern paved road on our planet.

" I probably can't put into words how much I absolutely beat on the turbo from the moment it was installed.. It was flawless, with 12,000+ miles on one oil change... We went Coast to Coast in the USA non-stop in sub-30 hours as the first drive with it basically. In South America there were days that we would literally drive at 50-75% throttle until the fuel tank was empty, stop to refuel without turning the engine off, and then do the same, over and over again. On one specific day I drove with questionable fuel from 500 ft to 15,500 ft, continuously going full throttle to pass tractor trailers, then stopping for photos, and repeating." - Jamie Orr VW Ambassador



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