Golf MK7 GTI RACE CAR – Road Car to Championship Winning Race Car

Original Article Published by: Area Motorsport

Our Golf MK7 GTI Race Cars are now Championship winning race cars but we’ve never really shown anyone how this all came about, how we got involved with them and the process we went through to make them both fast and competitive.

We’ve been known for a number of years as the go to place for your Honda Civic Type R Track and Race Cars having won over 10 Championships with our cars. Whilst we still are heavily involved in Hondas we wanted something else to develop for our customers.

Rewind to 2019 we purchased our first Golf MK7 GTI, the car in spec was a performance Pack DSG 2014 GTI, it had a few modifications but was mainly in totally stock form. We saw the car as a great platform to build upon for circuit use although of all the track and test days we do we’d never really seen many out on circuit, which really got us wondering why? Was it due to cost or was it just that the platform wasn’t a trusted capable track car.

Our first goal was to see what we could do to turn it into a Track car that was still perfectly capable and comfortable of being used for day to day use.

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