SHS Coilovers for Volkswagen and Audi

Developed in conjunction with the engineers at KW Automotive, the team at HPA Motorsports has designed an out of the box solution that is preset to perform...

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Developed in conjunction with the engineers at KW Automotive, the team at HPA Motorsports has designed an out of the box solution that is preset to perform...

HPA’s SHS coilovers offer an unmatched balance between handling and comfort. All SHS applications are based off KW's twin tube low pressure damper design used in the KW V3. Embracing KW’s patented valve technology, the high-speed dampening characteristics remain similar to OEM offering a near factory comfort level, while the low speed dampening power is increased to eliminate pitch and roll associated with heavy braking or corner entry. Each application features linear race springs on the front and progressive barrel spring on the rear.

SHS is the PERFECT suspension solution for the enthusiast looking to gain better control at corner entry on high-speed sprints, yet uses their car in the harsh real world environment.

Key Features

  • The stainless steel construction guarantees the height adjustability won’t be lost through commuting on salt covered winter roads. KW –INOX technology
  • Self centering integrated dust boots. Keep the winter sand and debris from damaging the Piston Rod seal for long life
  • Stainless steel impregnated composite spring seats offer easy ride height adjustment all season long. No binding conventionally found with aluminium seats
  • Race Springs are EPS powder coated and Zinc phosphated for long life
  • Springs are made from chrome-silicon steel
  • 54SiCR6 offering higher carry capacity with less material than standard steel wound springs
  • Height adjustable on all 4 corners
  • Spanner Wrench included for adjusting ride height
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty through KW Automotive



Part # HPA-201 - SHS Coilovers

  • Audi TT Quattro (Mk1) - 0-35mm / 0-35mm
  • VW R32 (Mk4) - 0-35mm / 0-35mm

Part # HPA-204 - SHS Coilovers

  • Audi A3 (2 door/2WD) - 25-55mm / 30-55mm
  • Audi A3 (4 door/AWD) - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • Audi TT Coupe Quattro (Mk2) - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • Audi TT Roadster Quattro (Mk2) - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • VW Jetta (Mk5) - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • VW Golf / GTI (Mk5) - 25-55mm / 30-55mm
  • VW R32 (Mk5) 4motion - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • VW Golf R (Mk6) 4motion - 25-55mm / 35-60mm
  • VW Passat CC (2WD) - 10-50mm / 15-45mm

Part # HPA-205 - SHS Coilovers

  • Audi TT-S Coupe Quattro (8J) - 10-35mm / 5-30mm
  • Audi TT-S Roadster Quattro (8J) - 10-35mm / 5-30mm
  • Audi TT-RS Coupe Quattro (8J) - 10-35mm / 5-30mm
  • Audi TT-RS Roadster Quattro (8J) - 10-35mm / 5-30mm
  • VW Golf (Mk6) - 35-65mm / 35-65mm
  • VW Golf TDI (MK6) - 35-65mm / 35-65mm
  • VW GTI (Mk6) - 35-65mm / 35-65mm

Part # HPA-207 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW GTI (Mk6) **Stage 2**
  • Stiffer Front Springs - 35-65mm / 35-65mm

Part # HPA-208 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW Passat Wagon R36 4motion - 10-50mm / 15-45mm

Part # HPA-209 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW Golf 1.4L Engine (Mk6) - 35-65mm / 35-65mm

Part # HPA-210 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW Scirocco (Mk6) - 10-45mm / 10-45mm

Part # HPA-211 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW Jetta GLI (Mk6) - 35-55mm / 35-55mm

Part # HPA-212 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW GTI / Golf R (Mk7) NON-DCC - 10-45mm / 20-50mm
  • Audi A3 / S3 (8V) NON-DCC - 10-45mm / 20-50mm
    (DCC cars require a EDC delete)

Part # HPA-213 - SHS Coilovers

  • VW Tiguan 2WD/4WD - 35-65mm / 35-65mm


Customer Reviews (5)

Not your average coiloversReview by Francis
So after doing lots of research on what’s the best coilovers out there, I looked into HPA’s SHS Coilovers. My ultimate goal was: comfort, practical, and quality coilovers. So after the installation and driving off, I can honestly say that these are the best coilovers I have ever ridden on. When they say comfortable, it truly is just that! It feels somewhat similar to stock suspension with very slight stiffness to it. Now it’s not like a magic suspension where it floats through road imperfections and you won’t feel a thing. You’ll still feel the imperfections, but it’s wayyyy forgiving when going through them. I recently just purchased used wheels/tires and had to travel with full load in the car and the ride was amazing! It was a smooth ride and wasn’t jarring at all throughout the trip. Overall this coilover exceeds my expectations! (Posted on 4/15/2019)
Best bang for your buckReview by Manny
One of the most comfortable coil overs I’ve ever had on my car. (Posted on 6/28/2018)
Great set of coil overs for the priceReview by Dan
Title pretty much says it all. I have had them on my A3 that I daily for 2 years and they are still going strong. Perfect amount of stiffness and adjust pretty low. Would buy them again if I had to. (Posted on 6/28/2018)
Sport AND comfortReview by Jason
Based on my real world requirements for regular transport of cargo- as well as travelling rougher twisty highway roads, the staff guided me towards these SHS coilovers for my 2013 golf R. I'm super happy with my dialed in ride height, stiffness is just right for fun driving and the dampening is there for rough patches. No bounce, or harshness. Just right for driving public roads. (Posted on 6/15/2018)
Amazing quality for the priceReview by Mike
I have been riding on these coilovers for several years and over 60,000 miles in my 2012 Passat. I can't say enough good things about them, and always recommend to those looking for a great coilover at a reasonable price. These are not the harsh, bouncy, stiff coilovers your buddy has on his Civic. These ride amazingly well. Stiffer than stock gives it a sportier feel, but I've taken my car on several 6+ hour road trips and I haven't had one complaint on the ride quality. These don't go as low as some competitors, but they are still tucking tire on my car. Great overall product. (Posted on 6/14/2018)

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