KW Suspensions

KW Variant 1

Sporty handling combined with sleek design.
Equipped with factory pre-configured damping.


KW Variant 2

For more stability and driving comfort.
Features adjustable rebound damping.


KW Variant 3

Unlimited individuality for the street and bred from race technology. Independently adjustable compression & rebound damping.


KW Variant 4

State of the art racing technology. Separated adjustment for rebound & compression damping for low and highspeeds.


KW Street Comfort

The KW Street Comfort coilovers, for your comfort-oriented driving pleasure.


KW Clubsport

The KW Clubsport coilovers utilize the uncompromising transfer of technology from the world of motorsports to track day/street driving.


KW HAS Height Adjustable Spring System

For improved looks and more driving dynamics. Adjust ride height while retaining OEM adaptive systems and controls


KW DDC Coilovers & Cancellation Modules

KW's intelligent adaptive damping suspension solution, available as a standalone KW DDC ECU & Coilovers or as plug & play coilovers or cancellation modules for OEM electronic systems.


KW HLS Hydraulic Lift-System

More ground clearance at the push of a button. Lift your sports car or lowered vehicle to safely navigate obstacles either at the front axle or on both axles.


KW DLC Lowering Module

App enabled electronic lowering modules for a better look and more driving dynamics for cars and suv's with factory equipped air suspension.