GEN 2 Switchable Haldex Controller

Take full control of your GEN 2 Haldex equipped car with three selectable driving modes: Stock, Sport, and Race!

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Most MK5 based 4-motion equipped cars use Haldex's second generation of AWD systems. The Gen 2 Sport controller takes into account the TPS signal more so than the OEM software and therefore can proactively begin applying power to the RWD clutch packs before wheel spin begins, and as power is increased, more power lock occurs in the RWD unit until full lock is achieved. This product offers the following benefits:

  • Increases torque transmission at acceleration
  • Provides consistent performance with increased over-steer
  • Torque-transmission is influenced by how quickly you depress the accelerator
  • Transmits torque before the engine delivers torque
  • At greater speeds the torque will decrease enabling less over-steer and safer driving properties

Instead of the standard Blue Gen 2 controller, HPA Motorsports is proud to exclusively offer our "Stealth" Gen2 Sport Haldex controller. Identical in appearance to your stock controller, you can now enjoy all the benefits of this performance component without jeopardizing your power train warranty. The Stealth controller is undetectable by your dealership, both visually as well as through a scan of your Haldex all wheel drive system. By default, the controller is designed to be in Sport mode which transforms the handling characteristics of your AWD car by increasing torque transfer to the rear axle and giving more rear wheel bias. With the installation of a wireless receiver and remote, you can have instant access to all three of the programs built into the controller; Stock, Sport, and Race.

As an enthusiastic driver you may not find yourself using Stock mode very often, but it will come in useful when loaning your car to an inexperienced driver, or when you are driving in slippery conditions and want to engage the conservative safety parameters set out by the factory.

Race mode will unleash further potential as it provides faster reaction time to vehicle inputs in the AWD communication system, and allows for even greater amounts of torque transfer to the rear axle.

Applications: MK5 R32, Gen 2 Audi TT, Audi A3: Confirm which coupling your vehicle uses before ordering.


Customer Reviews (3)

Gen 2 Haldex ControllerReview by Matt
Full review can be found here:

In summary, this controller rocks and rounds out the whole driving experience in an awesome way. Hard pulls, cornering - this really is a must buy! (Posted on 7/27/2018)
product reviewReview by Cory
My factory haldex unit failed so it needed to be replace, I decided to go with the HPA Gen 2 haldex controller and it is worth every penny (Posted on 6/28/2018)
Great productReview by The King
Although at first it doesn't seem to do much, but as expected from other forums, it comes into its own when pushed, esp around corners. Torque transfer stays during decelerations is pretty good but I think it also does use a bit more fuel. All in all, a worthwhile upgrade! (Posted on 6/14/2018)

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