Full Throttle eXtreme FTX500 VR6 Turbo Kit 535HP

The EFR 8374 delivers instant throttle response and supports multiple boost settings. At 20PSI the FTX500 delivers 535HP. If you're looking for insane performance, check out the FTX600 for supporting upgrades that will let you run at higher boost.

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Our HPA Full Throttle eXtreme Single Turbo kits features the Borg Warner EFR 8374 turbo which delivers instant throttle response and supports multiple boost settings. Under 20 psi this system delivers 500+ ft-lbs torque and 500+ hp, and by massaging the block and upgrading a variety of support parts, the HPA team has achieved proven power figures in the 600 range for exhilerating acceleration. Read about the FTX-600 equipped Mk4 R32 that took top honors in the 2015 European Car Tuner Grand Prix

All Packages Include:

>   Borg Warner EFR 8374 Single Scroll Turbocharger
>   Inconel Turbo Studs with Rolled Threads
>   CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapter
>   HPA Proprietary Cast Exhaust Manifold
     with External 02 Sensor Bungs
>   Stainless Steel Downpipes with Interlock Flex Joint
>   Stainless Steel Manifold Heatshield
>   Turbo Blanket and Additional Heatshields
>   Compression Reduction kit *
>   Liquid Cooled Short Runner Intake Manifold
>   Aftercooler Package for AWIC

>   750ml Fuel Injectors
>   Parallel Fuel System with Auxiliary Fuel Pump
>   3.8 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
>   Larger MAF
>   Custom Wrapped Silicone Boost Plumbing
>   Stainless Steel Oil and Water Lines
>   Vaccuum Lines and Emmission Control Integration
>   Software
>   E-boost 2 Electronic Boost Controller


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Why HPA?

25+ Years of experience tuning VW and Audi.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Canada.

Attention to detail with an OEM level of fit and finish.

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