ST Adjustable Lowering Springs
ST Adjustable Lowering Springs
ST Adjustable Lowering Springs

ST Adjustable Lowering Springs


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ST Adustable Lowering Springs

Our new ST adjustable lowering springs are now available for a variety of cars. Similar to coilover kits, with the ST adjustable lowering springs which are continuously adjustable in height, you can adjust your desired lowering in a decent adjustment range. Also, the vehicle-specific dust protection elements and additional spring elements are designed for the maximum lowering. So with the ST adjustable lowering springs you can realize a sporty, harmonious driving behavior, without the driving dynamics of your car suffering.

With the innovative ST threaded sleeve it does not matter, if your car has a welded or racked spring plate at the standard strut. So to say, with our ST adjustable lowering springs you convert your series suspension into a coilover suspension and you can also further use your electronic damper adjustment.

  • Improvement of the optics

  • Suitable for adaptive suspensions

  • Increased handling

  • Multiple tempered

  • Individual height-adjustment

  • Vehicle-specific spring rate

  • Produced in OEM quality

  • Epoxy coated


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KW Quality – exclusively for ST suspensions

The ST adjustable lowering springs benefit from our many years of experience in the development and production of suspension components for motorsport and the street. Our ST adjustable lowering springs are made of high-quality spring steel and with the final powder coating, they are extremely weather-resistant.

Audi  Engine / Model Year
Part Number
A3 (8P) 2WD 2.0+2.0TDI (4cyl.) 06-13 65100
A3 (8P) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.) 09-13 65102
A3 (8P) Quattro 3.2 (6cyl.) 06-09 65103
A3 (8V), 2WD; Sedan 1.8T (4cyl.) 15-16 65835
A3 (8V), 2WD; Sedan 2.0 TDI 15-16 65836
A3 (8V) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.) 15-20 65839
S3 (8V) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.)  15-20 28210167
A4 (8D/B5) Quattro Sedan+Wagon 1.8T (4cyl.) 96-01 65141
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Sedan 2WD 1.8T+2.0i (4cyl.) 02-08 65109
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Sedan Quattro 1.8T+2.0T (4cyl) 02-08 65129
  2.8-3.2 (V6) 02-08 65132
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Wagon Quattro 2.8-3.2 (V6) 02-08 65138
A4 (8H/B6-B7) Convertible 1.8T+2.0T (4cyl.) 03-09 -
  3.0 (V6) 03-09 65138
A6 (4B/C5) Sedan Quattro 2.7+2.8+3.0 (V6) 98-04 65152
A6 (4B/C5) Wagon Quattro 2.8+3.0 (V6) 98-04 65152
A6 (4F/C6) Sedan Quattro 3.0-3.2 (V6) 05-11 65170
A6 (4F/C6) Wagon Quattro 3.0-3.2 (V6) 06-11 65170
TT + TT Roadster (8N) 2WD 1.8T (4cyl.) 00-06 66205
TTCoupe; (8S / MQB)  Quattro 2.0L 2016+ 28210188