ST Sport Shocks for Audi

ST Sport Shocks for Audi


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Already have fitted lowering springs? Further improve your vehicle’s driving dynamics with the ST sport shock – an OEM replacement that will transform the way your car feels and handles!

Main advantages

ST sport shocks are manufacturerd with heat-resistant twin-tube dampers and fixed damping characteristics. Their low friction pressure resistant housing features a high-quality mono block guide and seal package for maximum longevity in ALL weather conditions. What’s more, a shortened chrome-plated piston rod makes the sport shock perfectly suited for lowered vehicles.

Real quality for improved driving

Our use of high quality components ensures each ST sport shock performs at its best for the maximum period of time. Using a shortened piston rod ensures a sufficient pre-load of the lowering spring under hard driving conditions. The fixed damper characteristics, the ST sport shocks, ensure a better driving experience for numerous cars.

Please review the chart below for your specific application

Audi  Engine / Model Year
Part Number
A3 (8P) 2WD 2.0+2.0TDI (4cyl.) 06-13 -
A3 (8P) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.) 09-13 -
A3 (8P) Quattro 3.2 (6cyl.) 06-09 -
A3 (8V), 2WD; Sedan 1.8T (4cyl.) 15-16 47180
A3 (8V), 2WD; Sedan 2.0 TDI 15-16 47181
A3 (8V) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.) 15-20 -
S3 (8V) Quattro 2.0T (4cyl.)  15-20 -
A4 (8D/B5) Quattro Sedan+Wagon 1.8T (4cyl.) 96-01 47014
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Sedan 2WD 1.8T+2.0i (4cyl.) 02-08 47009
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Sedan Quattro 1.8T+2.0T (4cyl) 02-08 47009
  2.8-3.2 (V6) 02-08 -
A4 (8E/B6-B7) Wagon Quattro 2.8-3.2 (V6) 02-08 47009
A4 (8H/B6-B7) Convertible 1.8T+2.0T (4cyl.) 03-09 47009
  3.0 (V6) 03-09 -
A6 (4B/C5) Sedan Quattro 2.7+2.8+3.0 (V6) 98-04 -
A6 (4B/C5) Wagon Quattro 2.8+3.0 (V6) 98-04 -
A6 (4F/C6) Sedan Quattro 3.0-3.2 (V6) 05-11 -
A6 (4F/C6) Wagon Quattro 3.0-3.2 (V6) 06-11 -
TT + TT Roadster (8N) 2WD 1.8T (4cyl.) 00-06 47179
TTCoupe; (8S / MQB)  Quattro 2.0L 2016+ -