ST Lowering Springs for Volkswagen

ST Lowering Springs for Volkswagen


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ST suspensions is proud to boast one of the largest applications for sport springs. Once more, ST sport springs are one of the few lowering springs on the market that (in combination with the standard suspension) will greatly improve the driving behavior of a vehicle as well as its overall looks!

Performance and style for every car

Made from chrome silicon steel in a cold winding process, ST sport springs are multi-coated with a final epoxy coating ensuring an OEM quality and finish. As a result, they withstand a variety of weather conditions all year round. Depending on the vehicle model, ST suspension sport springs will allow a typical lowering of 20mm on the front axle and 15mm on the rear axle. Some vehicles can achieve a much greater lowering with the VW Golf Mk1 benefiting from 60mm on the front and rear axle!
Compared to standard suspension, ST sport springs lower the center of gravity to provide increased driving dynamics and handling. Furthermore, compression and rebound is reduced which allows the car to drive more agile with reduced body roll.

The ideal spring rate for every car

The spring rates of ST sport springs have been designed to work perfectly with the standard dampers to ensure the driving dynamics are improved and ultimately safe. Vehicle weight, wheel loads and the level of lowering have a huge impact on the rebound and compression of a vehicle so it’s essential this is not compromised. Depending on the level of lowering (for example 20mm, 30mm or 40mm), ST sport springs have different spring rates that harmonize with the standard shock absorbers. Put simply the more lowering, the higher the spring rate.

Great variety

ST sport springs aren’t just available for new vehicles; even classic and rare models such as the BMW M30 and Mk1 Golf will find the perfect sport springs in the ST suspension product range!

Please refer to the chart below to find the part number for your application

Volkswagen  Engine / Model Year
Part Number
Golf IV (1J) 1.8-2.0 (4cyl.) 98-05 66249
Golf IV (1J)1.9 Diesel 99-05 66205
Golf V GTI incl. DSG 2.0T 06-09 65831
Golf VI GTI 2.0T 09-14 65831
Golf VII  1.8T 15-20 65835
Golf VII  2.0TDI 15-20 65836
Golf VII GTI (without DCC) 2.0T  15-20 65837
Golf VII R (without DCC) 2.0T  15-19 65838
Golf VII Sportwagen TSI 1.8T 15-19 65839
Golf VII Sportwagen TDI 2015 65840
Jetta IV Sedan (1J) 1.8-2.0 (4cyl.) 99-04 66206
  (1J)2.8 (V6)+1.9 Diesel 99-04 66208
Jetta IV Wagon (1J) 1.4-1.8 (4cyl.) 01-04  
  (1J)2.8 (V6)+1.9 Diesel 01-04 66209
Jetta VI Sedan GLI  2.0L 12-17 65822
Jetta VI Sedan SE, SEL, TDI 1.8T, 2.0 TDI 14-17 65822
Beetle (9C) 1.8-2.0 (4cyl.) 98-10 66249
  (9C) 2.5(5cyl.)+1.9TDI 98-10 66205
Beetle Convertible (1Y) 1.8-2.0 (4cyl.) 03-10 66249
  (1Y) 2.5(5cyl.) + 1.9TDI 03-10 66205
Passat (3B-B5) Sedan 1.8 (4cyl.)  98-00 66291
  2.8 (V6) +1.9TDI 98-00 66295
Passat (3B-B5) Wagon 1.8 (4cyl.)  98-00 66329
Passat (3BG-B5.5) Sedan 1.8 (4cyl.) 01-05 66297
  2.8 (V6)+1.9TDI 01-05 66298
Passat (3BG-B5.5) Wagon 1.8 (4cyl.) 01-05 66333
Passat (3BG-B5.5) Wagon 4motion 1.8 (4cyl.) 01-05 66345
  2.8i V6 01-05 66346