KW V1 Coilovers for VW

KW V1 Coilovers for VW


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Continuous lowering

With the KW Variant 1 coilover you can achieve maximum lowering in the TÜV-tested adjustment range. Depending on the vehicle model variance ranges between 30 to 70mm or 50 to 90mm. Even after years of use you can easily adjust the height due to the dirt resistant trapezoid thread and composite collar. Lowering at the front axle is made using our one piece composite height adjuster, on the rear axle this is the same unless the car has a seperate spring and shock absorber. The supplied rear height adjuster sits either above or below the rear spring.

The benchmark for tuning fans

KW Variant 1 "inox-line" coilover satisfies the sporty driver with its harmonic basic setup. For each vehicle our engineers develop a specific damper setup and spring rate to increase the driving pleasure with optimal balance of sportiness and practicality. In the end, you are not just buying any coilover, but a KW coilover which has been developed specifically for your particular vehicle. As a manufacturer , KW uses only its own resources, high quality components , and the same damper technology as high-volume manufacturers. With the KW coilovers Variant 1 "inox-line", rolling motions of the body will be reduced during compression giving you the benefit of genuine directness and sportier handling while driving.

Trust In Our Experience

We are the market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for road and racetracks for more than 15 years. Car drivers, automotive manufacturers , and tuners all around the world rely on our KW coilovers "Made in Germany". Each KW coilover kit, developed and manufactured in the Swabian town Fichtenberg, is subject to extensive stress tests during production to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. As a German manufacturer we give a 2-year warranty on our more than 4600 applications suspension solutions, which exceed OEM quality. The warranty increases up to 5 years when the kit has been installed at one of our KW specialist dealers.

  • Optimally pre-adjusted
  • Sporty and comfortable dampening technology
  • Stainless steel technology "inox-line"
  • Individually height adjustable
  • TÜV-tested adjustment range
  • Ready to install complete solution
  • High quality components for a long durability
  • Complete documentation for easy handling
Setup - Factory pre-configured damping setup

The KW Variant 1 "inox-line" coilover has a vehicle-specific, fixed configured damper setup. The spring and damper match perfectly, allowing you to experience an optimized balance of sportiness and comfort while driving.

Even with full load and maximum axle loads, the dampers always work with a sporty characteristic. Tuning fans whose focus are "Show & Shine" events are interested in the KW Variant 1 "inox-line".

Please refer to this list for the available VW applications
Volkswagen Year Part Number
Arteon 2WD without DCC 2019+ 10282016
Arteon 2WD with DCC 2019+ 102800AT
Arteon 4motion AWD without DCC 2019+ 102800AX
Arteon 4motion AWD with DCC 2019+ 102800BT
Corrado (53i) 16V, G60, VR6 88-96 10280005
Eos (1F); all models, all engines, FWD, without DCC 07-16 10280085
Eos (1F); all models, all engines, FWD, with DCC 07-16 10280108
Golf I / Rabbit / Jetta I /Scirocco I+II; all engines; excl. Caddy 74-84 10280001
Golf I / Jetta I (155) Cabriolet  78-93 10280001
Golf II / Jetta II (19E) 2WD, all engines 85-92 10280003
Golf II / III Syncro + Golf II Rallye; all engines 85-99.5 10280051
Golf III / Jetta III (1HXO); all incl. Cabrio (-02); 2WD; all engines 93-99.5 10280004
Golf IV (1J); all models excl. 4motion; all engines excl. R32 99.5-05 10280061
Golf IV (1J) R32 4motion 2004 10280081
Golf V GTI + Rabbit; 2WD (A5/1K, 1KP); all engines; incl. DSG 06-09 10210039
Golf V R32 4motion 2008 10210040
Golf VI (2+4-Door, all gas engines incl. GTI), without DCC 10-14 10281031
Golf VI (2+4-Door, all gas engines incl. GTI), with DCC 10-14 10281034
Golf VI (2+4-Door, TDI only), without DCC 10-14 10281032
Golf VI (2+4-Door, TDI only), with DCC 10-14 10281035
Golf VI R, without DCC 12-13 10210040
Golf VI R, with DCC 12-13 10210092
Golf VII, 1.8T 15-21 1028000H
Golf VII, TDI 2015 10281028
Golf VII GTI, without DCC 15-21 1028000N
Golf VII GTI, with DCC 15-21 1028000R
Golf VII R, without DCC 15-19 102800CB
Golf VII R, with DCC 15-19 102800CC
Golf VII SportWagen, TSI  1.8T 15-19 1028000Z
Golf VII SportWagen, TDI 2015 10281046
Golf VIII GTI; without electronics dampers 2022+ 102800CT
Golf VIII GTI; with electronics dampers 2022+ 102800CV
Jetta IV (1J) 2WD incl. Wagon; all engines 99.5-04 10280067
Jetta V Sedan / SportWagen incl. GLI and DSG (A5/1K) 05-10 10210040
Jetta VI SportWagen 2.5i & 2.0TDI 10-14 10210040
Jetta VI S 2.0; Sedan (North American Model only) 11-13 10280119
Jetta VI SE, SEL 2.5; Sedan (North American Model only) 11-13 10280117
Jetta VI TDI; Sedan (North American Model only) 11-13 10280118
Jetta VI GLI 2.0T 12-18 10280068
Jetta VI, S 2.0 14-18 10280088
Jetta VI, SE, SEL 1.8T, TDI 14-18 10280068
New Beetle (PC/VT; 9C); all excl. Convertible 98-10 10210005
New Beetle (1Y) Convertible 98-10 10280043
Beetle (16) Hatchback, 2.5L & TDI 12-13 1028000E
Beetle (16) Hatchback, 2.0 Turbo 12-13 1028000B
Beetle (16) Hatchback, all engines 2014+ 1028000B
Passat (35i) Sedan + Variant; 2WD; all engines 04/88-05/97 10280056
Passat (35l-299) Sedan + Wagon; syncro AWD 09/88-05/97 10280058
Passat (B5; B5.5; 3B; 3BG) Sedan + Wagon; 2WD; all engines 10/96-05 10280011
Passat (B5; B5.5; 3B; 3BG) Sedan + Wagon; Syncro/4motion; all engines 10/96-05 10280017
Passat W8 (3BS) W8 Sedan + Wagon; 4motion 02-04 10210026
Passat (3C/B6/B7) Sedan; 2WD + Syncro 4WD; all engines, without DCC 06-10 10280029
Passat (3C/B6/B7) Sedan; 2WD + Syncro 4WD; all engines, with DCC 06-10 10280105
Passat (3C/B6/B7) Wagon; 2WD + Syncro 4WD; all engines, without DCC 06-10 10280087
Passat (3C/B6/B7) Wagon; 2WD + Syncro 4WD; all engines, with DCC 06-10 10280110
Passat Sedan FWD without DCC 2012+ 10280029
CC (3CC); all incl. 4motion, without DCC 09-17 10280029
CC (3CC); all incl. 4motion, with DCC 09-17 10280105
Tiguan (5N) FWD+AWD 09-17 10280077
Tiguan (MQB) FWD 2018+ 102800CE
Tiguan (MQB) AWD 2018+ 102800BB