2.0T FSI Performance Pack for Stage 3 GTX


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2.0T FSI Performance Pack for Stage 3 GTX
2.0T FSI Performance Pack for Stage 3 GTX

With the addition of our high flow 2.0 FSI manifold and custom HPA tuning, HPA pushes Stage 3 GTX turbo equipped cars to the next level and beyond. Utilizing adaptive software technology which offers no fuel octane restrictions, this calibration transforms your existing Stage 3 into a true supercar crushing machine. Power delivery with this Performance Pack is smooth and immediate, producing an additional 35-50 HP and 40 ft/lbs TQ over existing tuned numbers. This Package truly gives you a rush of smooth and refined acceleration though out the power curve.

Working in-house on a state of the art Superflow all wheel drive rolling road simulator, the team at HPA runs each calibration set through a series of rigorous evaluations, ensuring maximum performance is realized, while all OEM safety limits and emissions parameters are left intact.


  • Version 2 Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • 24% higher flow than the FSI OEM manifold
  • High Flow Injectors
  • 140bar Rail Valve
  • HPA Stage 3++ Software

Benefits Include:

  • +40 ftlb TQ Gain
  • +34-50 HP Gain
  • Refined Power Curve

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