We tossed the keys to the FT740 to Matt Farah from /DRIVE recently... We love how our beast excited this seasoned car guy!

Back in 2008, HPA pushed the envelope with the twin turbo conversion, swapping the standard 3.2L VR6 with the US packaged Passat 3.6L VR. These FSI engines were converted to MPI and mated to a modified DQ250 DSG gearbox. Testing at the Texas Mile proved that the 3.6 twin could make over 700 HP but the 6 speed DSG was not reliable past 650HP.

Recently our technical partner, HGP, had a breakthrough in adapting the DQ500 gearbox from the European TTRS onto the 3.6L VR6 engine. This gearbox proved to be incredibly stable and opened the doors to pursue more power in the 3.6L bottom end. HGP developed a dual fueling system that would retain the OEM FSI, and integrate MPI; opening the ceiling for performance and packing in drivability in the lower end.

Unveiled for the first time State side the results of over a half decade collaborative R&D on the VR6. 2012/13 MK6 Golf R conversion packages that deliver 740HP and a daily drivable 700ftlbs of TQ driven through a 7speed DSG.