Audi S6 with RS7 Turbos

Audi S6 Sleeper with RS7 Turbo upgrade


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HPA's performance program for the 4.0TFSI leverages our past 28 years of knowledge with building and tuning the VR6 and 2.0T platforms. The 4.0L BiTurbo TFSI engine was co developed by Bently and has wide application in Audi's product line - found in the S6, S7, A8/S8, and RS7. With stock power ranging from 420HP 406ftlbs in the S6 to an impressive 560HP 516ftlbs in the RS7, the 4.0 TFSI has proven headroom and potential for power upgrades. Paired with an upgraded downpipe, tune, fuel, and cooling, this hardware package is capapble of over 750HP / 715ft-lbs.



HPA Presents an upgrade path that will retain your OEM drivability and durability standards while unleashing the desired potential held within.



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Why HPA?

25+ Years of experience tuning VW and Audi.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Canada.

Attention to detail with an OEM level of fit and finish.