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More than just a means of transportation. A custom car combines art, ego, and passion to create a mechanical extension of one's personality.

HPA Scirocco

Based off the Euro-spec Scirocco R trim package, HPA-built Scirocco's are completely transformed from their tame 4 cylinder 2WD origins with the integration a robust 6-cylinder motor and Haldex all wheel drive system. Throw one of our forced induction packages into the mix along with a variety of handling and performance add-ons and you have a potent machine worthy of the title "super car".

Recently tested by Road & Track magazine, HPA Scirocco # 001, equipped with the well known FT565 3.2L powerplant, accellerated from 0-60 in only 3.2 seconds and the quarter mile in 11.4 seconds at 122.7 mph.

Three Scirocco trim levels are available, each with additional upgrade packages to choose from incorporating wheels, brakes, and styling add-ons:

  • 300hp 3.6L Naturally Aspirated VR6 with FWD DSG - priced at $85,000+
  • 475hp Single turbo 3.6L VR6 with 4-Motion AWD DSG - priced at $110,000+
  • 640hp Twin turbo 3.6L VR6 with 4-Motion AWD DSG - priced at $150,000+

Customized packages available for order... Please contact us for a personalized consultation.

HPA Scirocco